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Beyond W.U. —"Membership has its Privileges"

Opportunities for W.U. members across the globe. Guided hunts in CA, fishing trips and more. Or world-wide trips (hunting, fishing and vacation) through our travel affiliate, Urge2Hunt.


New for 2010, W.U. has expanded, rather exploded its very popular Beyond W.U. program. With W.U.'s discerning sportsman, it isn't hard to figure that members have pretty much travelled the globe for adventure. So, long-time W.U. member, Serge Engurasoff, pictured below, has been charged with taking one of his great passions, travel hunting destinations, and sharing them with other W.U. members. The new program, Urge2Hunt, will be under the direction of Serge.

If you have a dream trip you want information about, a trip you can personally attest to that you want to share or would just like to explore hunting and fishing options, check out the website at www.urge2hunt.com or contact Serge at: 415-706-1204 or email Serge.

Most of these hunts include lodging, meals, guaranteed tags, take place on private property with little pressure and offer trophy animal opportunites. Hunting and/or fishing in: Alaska, Canada, Argentina, Montana, Illinois, Wyoming , Colorado, Africa, New Zealand, Cabo and Oregon.  Check out the details. We'll be making sure they're W.U. member certified.

Check out a few samples for W.U. members:

Illinois - 5 Day Trophy Whitetail—Archery or gun hunt in one of the top U.S. counties for trophy bucks....$2,995.

Argentina - 3 Day Dove — 3 full days of incredible shooting in Cordoba, the dove capital of the world, high season....$1,695.