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Boar Hunting and Duck Hunting or Deer Hunting in Oregon

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Wilderness Unlimited — California and Oregon's Premier Fishing and Hunting Club with Family Camping — Currently ready for Turkey,Boar Hunting,and Fishing on Private Ranches

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    Wilderness Unlimited California Hunting &Fishing Club Magazine
  • Current issue available by mail and web
  • Includes hunting club and property specific game season(e.g. duck hunting, deer hunting) success stories, info and photos
  • Editorial staff includes many recognized outdoors writers, including those in the column on the right
  • Complements weekly WU "Member Wire" communication
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Safari Club InternationalPartner Spotlight
Safari Club International
The Most Misunderstood Name in Hunting
Jerry Springer     Read the full article

Oregon Duck Hunting and Fly Fishing Expert & Author - Dave Hughes Dave Hughes
Tygh Creek Gray Drake Hatch
Tygh Creek, on the Wilderness Unlimited fishing club property in Tygh Valley, is one of my favorite places in Oregon to collect and photograph aquatic insects...full article.

California deer, wild boar, turkey, duck hunting, pheasant, dove hunting &trout fishing guide - Ed MigaleEd Migale
Camp Comforts
When it comes to my outdoor adventures these days, it’s gotten so that I enjoy myself and family camping out almost as much as I do...full article.

 - Gary LewisGary Lewis
A Writer's Guide to Images
One of the best things that happened to my writing was the advent of the digital camera. When my SLR died of mica poisoning from Namibia...full article.

Wild Boar, and turkey hunting and habitat advisor - George Visger. George Visger, “The Wild Guy”
Using Ecology to Improve Your Hog Success
Big Game season is right around the corner, with Coastal Archery deer hunting kicking off the parade. Those of us who are primarily archery hunters have learned...full article.